Predator Motorcycle Helmet BLUE

  • $399.00
  • Save $200

Intimidate everyone on the road as you speed by them wearing the Predator Motorcycle Helmet. Perfect for motorcycle riders who long for that classic “Technologically Advanced Form of Extraterrestrial Life” look – traffic will quickly part way at the sight of you.

DOT Approved & Custom Made by Hand to Order

You Will Have this Delivered in 10 - 15  Days!

Small - 28 Inches / Medium - 29 Inches / Large - 30 Inches / XL - 31 Inches & XXL - 32 Inches

  • Carbon Fiber has 20% Better Impact Rating than Fiber Glass.
  • Surface painted with increased resistance to UV and scratches.
  • Tri-Laser Beam LED Light with On/Off Switch.
  • Fast Lock Chin Strap.
  • Wide Peripheral Vision.
  • Easy to Disconnect Visor. Closable Air Vents.
  • Fully Removable Inside Liner & Padding.

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