MudZero Women Dead Sea Hair Removal Cream, 200ml/6.76oz

MudZero Women Dead Sea Hair Removal Cream, 200ml/6.76oz

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  • By Aroma Dead Sea USA
  • 200 mL
  • MudZero hair removal is a revolutionary mud mask that harnesses the cleansing power of 26 different Dead Sea minerals to safely and painlessly remove unwanted hair without irritating your skin or damaging blood vessels.
  • It not only removes hair quickly (under four minutes!), it also inhibits future hair growth and prevents pigmentation of the skin.
  • Heals and refreshes your skin, thanks to a unique Dead Sea algae called Dunaliella.
  • Carefully-balanced extract oils help calm and moisturize your skin, and encourage blood flow, which keeps skin cells fresh and healthy.

Body Hair Removal


Apply to each part of body separately with a thick layer of the cream. A thin layer will dry out and be ineffective. Do not rub into the skin. Leave on the skin for 4-5 minutes. (2-3 maximum minutes for sensitive areas of the face & bikini line). Remove the cream from a small area with moist towel to test if the hair has been removed. If hair comes off easily, remove all of the cream. If it does NOT come off easy, leave the cream on to work for an additional 1 minute.