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Hi. My name is Tom & my wife's name is Ronda. This is a picture of our family with our 2 sons, Gregory & Jonah. My wife is a kind & caring woman with a heart of gold who run's her own successful Massage Therapy Business. (L'Anse MI Massage Clinic

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    Greg is a super talented singer, songwriter and musician. Jonah is a stud athlete & motocross rider who is learning to build his own "fast & furious" style cars.

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      My wife and I have struggled hard to provide our children with the best possible life we could. They are almost grown now at 17 & 18. We know we are very fortunate & we are thankful everyday!

      A couple of months ago (June 2017) I walked away from an amazing yet very tough job as a Timber Logger in the north woods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. (Upper Peninsula Logging Co) The job was an insane grind done outdoors during all 4 seasons in remote and rugged terrains. This job taught me a lot about hard work, people, what it takes to be successful & most importantly... how to get focused and stay motivated. The logging job also paid me top dollar as a blue collar worker and I was able to give my family a cozy and comfortable life.

      I walked away from it all to start YooperJobs.com. I now own & operate  LiftKitKing.comLiftKitKing.shop, UpperPeninsulaMedicalMarijuana.com, HondaATCServiceManuals.com & most recently FamilyResaleStore.com. (I am self taught on the Internet.)

      I feel like this is a great opportunity to help out other working class familys. I know I can help them by saving folks money on many types of online purchases. I will help folks make informed decisions while they keep more of their hard earned money in their own pocket. With every discount & deal I give away, I see that as money my competitors would have gladly taken.

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      I am growing this business 100% the hard way. No BS whatsoever. I am the real deal and I appreciate every potential customer that comes around. I love helping people everyday & I love learning about others needs and ideas as well. But the best part is giving out all the awesome deals and knowing 100% for a fact that I am making a difference in my community!

      Please tell your friends. Please tell your family. The 1st Ever Upper Peninsula Online Thrift Shop Family Resale Store is Going to Save them $$$!

      Please know you are supporting Small Business & the American Dream when you choose to give us your time and consideration. I wish everyone nothing but the best, Tom, Ronda & the Boys :)

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